home cleaning services

If you're ever dissatisfied with the quality of your clean we'll happily re-clean the area or item... no hassle... no additional charge! 


home cleaning services


We offer residential cleaning service packages to meet every need and budget, do not lock you down with long-term contracts and back our cleans with the industry's absolute best no-hassle guarantee.

Regardless of which residential cleaning service package you choose, whether we clean for you once or on a regular recurring basis, our Certified Professional Maids® will follow our proprietary Motivated Clean Checklists® to ensure that nothing is missed!

Whether you are looking for just the basics or a complete deep clean we can help.  As well, we are happy to customize a residential cleaning service package to meet your specific needs or add-on services to any package.

Motivated BASIC Clean®: This residential cleaning service package is designed for Customers who want us to take care of just the basics.  We'll dust, clean your floors plus take care of basic kitchen and bathroom cleaning tasks such as cleaning and buffing the exterior of your large kitchen appliances and clean, buff and disinfect your toilets.

Motivated STANDARD Clean®:  This cleaning service package is designed for Customers who want more than just the basics offered by our Motivated BASIC Clean®.   We'll complete all the tasks from our basic package plus do much more such as make your beds, clean your horizontal surfaces and clean the exterior of your trash cans, just to name a few.

Motivated PREMIUM Clean®:  This residential cleaning service package offers all the cleaning tasks from our standard package plus much more such as changing of linens, vertical furniture surface cleaning and even the cleaning plus disinfecting of the interior of your trash cans, just to name a few. 

Motivated DEEP Clean®:  This one-time cleaning service package is completed all in one residential cleaning service visit and is our most detailed.  It's like a spring clean but better... much better!  Just a few of the tasks we'll complete, above our premium package, are baseboard, window and door trim cleaning, interior door and interior glass cleaning and we'll even clean every single leg on your kitchen table.  Your home will never have been cleaner! 

Motivated CUSTOM Clean®:  We are always happy to provide you with a custom cleaning package and will create a checklist of cleaning tasks specific to your needs.